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My Tax Manager focuses on the human behind the numbers because our customers come first. 



Individual Tax Returns

We specialise in legally maximising your tax return (minimising your losses) whilst keeping you compliant no matter who you are or how many years you need to catchup.

Business Accounting

We deliver the full range of accounting services for businesses of all sizes including taxation, bookkeeping, government reporting and overall account management.

Trusted Partners

Our network of trusted mortgage brokers, financial advisers, real estate agents and legal advisors give our customers one place for all of their advisory needs.



Remote Technologies

Saving You Time

When booking and running our interviews or following-up for further details, we employ a range of remote service technologies including video conferencing, email and various chat and social media communications methods.

You can do your taxes from literally anywhere in the world.

Tax Squirrel

Saving You Money

All of our personal customers are registered with the modern technology of Tax Squirrel, enabling them to both maximise their tax returns whilst staying 100% compliant with all ATO substantiation requirements.

Max Your Return with Tax Squirrel.

Tax & Accounting Software

Making Us Efficient

Our Team are equipped with the full range of taxation and accounting software required to process any related transactions in a compliant and extremely efficient manner. 

Remaining cutting edge for the benefit of our customers.

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Bob McLean


Bob has been the backbone of the business from the very beginning. With over 20 years in the industry, Bob services Aussies all over the world and from all walks of life.

Yuwei Liu

CA, Tax Agent

Yuwei heads up the corporate practice whilst overseeing all accounts and submissions. Yuwei brings deep industry experience for the benefit of all customers.

Neil Varma

Tax Partner

Neil is our Tax Partner bringing a range of individual and corporate experience to the team. Neil brings a wide range of business accounting skills across all key industries.

Bob Watts

Tax Consultant

Bob Watts has been a part of the business from the first day and continues to be an integral part of our organisation. He has over 20 years in the industry and deep knowledge of individual taxation.

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